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If you decide to provide service you will be required to provide to Hermes a valid DBS certificate within the first 5 weeks of providing service. The DBS certificate must be dated within the previous 6 months. You will then be required to provide a further DBS certificate every 3 years.

If you are using Internet Explorer, please try a different browser or apply using your mobile phone. If you continue to experience problems, please email

You are eligible to apply to be a Self-employed Courier with Hermes if you have a full, valid driving licence, own (or have access to) a car or van with a valid MOT and insurance, have the right to work in the UK and have no unspent criminal convictions.

Most of the items you will deliver are from online retailers and vary in size and weight. Nothing will exceed more than 17kg unless we agree this with you separately. Some of our clients do send alcohol/products that contain alcohol through our network.

Hermes uses a number of methods to communicate with couriers including monthly newsletters, messages sent through your device, bi-annual courier update booklets, and via your dedicated Field Manager.

In most cases you will collect the parcels yourself from a Sub-Depot local to you. If you live in a remote rural location we may drop the parcels off with you via Solus Drop – this would be discussed with you beforehand.

It won’t always be possible to successfully deliver a parcel to a customer, a neighbour or a safe location on the first day but delivery should always be attempted for all items on the same day you take receipt of them.

You will need to record the reason for non-delivery on your device and then store the items in a secure place overnight to re-attempt them the following day.

Any smart, comfortable clothing is acceptable but optional Hermes branded clothing is also available to purchase as part of the Hermes Partner Rewards at really affordable prices (full details can be provided upon request)

As a self-employed courier you are not under any obligation to provide services personally. You have the unconditional right to use a substitute to provide service on your behalf when you want to go on holiday.

As a Self-employed courier working hours can be really flexible depending on a number of factors such as your availability, the location of your round and the amount of parcels that particular round generates. On average a courier works approximately 5-6 hours a day.

The beauty of being self-employed is that it’s completely up to you! You can provide a delivery service between 1 and 7 days a week depending on what you negotiate and agree with us.

As a self-employed courier this is one of the costs you would cover yourself.

You will be given access to your personal profile on our website “Couriers Online”. Hermes will prepare a self-bill invoice on your behalf. Details of payments are on your invoices that are accessible through “Couriers Online”.

Couriers are paid on a monthly basis via BACS. All payments made by Hermes to the courier will be without deductions of things like income tax for which you are responsible.

You are responsible for your own appropriate vehicle insurance. Couriers can opt into the “QBE” insurance “top up” scheme at a cost of 65p for each day services are provided. This covers couriers on a third party basis whilst you are providing service to Hermes (full details can be provided upon request).

Any reasonably sized, make or model of vehicle is acceptable as long as it is reliable and has a valid MOT and insurance.